September 24, 2019

DTS Sound Unbound FAQ

Please note that due to a limitation in Microsoft Spatial sound, DTS Headphone:X technology is currently not supported on 44.1kHz headphones. DTS is working closely with Microsoft to address this functionality.
To test whether headphones are compatible with the DTS Sound Unbound app, please plug in headphones before trying or purchasing this product.

What is Microsoft Spatial Sound?

Microsoft Spatial Sound is Microsoft’s platform-level solution for spatial sound support on Xbox and Windows, enabling both surround and elevation (above or below the listener) audio cues. 

Spatial sound can be leveraged by Windows desktop (Win32) apps as well as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps on both Windows and Xbox One.

The spatial sound APIs allow developers to create audio objects that emit audio from positions in 3D space. Dynamic audio objects allow you to emit audio from an arbitrary position in space, which can change over time.

What is DTS Sound Unbound?

DTS Sound Unbound is an application and one-stop shop for essential audio solutions from DTS like DTS Headphone:X v2.0.

DTS technologies leverage Microsoft Spatial, enabling the most believable, 3D audio experience for games. Immersion through DTS Headphone:X means in the sonic landscape, stationary and moving sounds can be heard from above, below or around the listener. Sounds pass around the listener with amazing externalization and accurate localization. PC and Xbox users can download the DTS Sound Unbound app via the Windows App Store. DTS audio solutions are available for a free trial period and in-app purchase.

What technologies are available for purchase via the DTS Sound Unbound application?

DTS:X is the latest and best audio decoder from DTS, connecting the listener to a world of content and enabling a fully immersive, object-based audio experience for DTS-encoded content stored locally or streamed to a device. Can be purchased separately or bundled as part of DTS Headphone:X. Visit our website for more information:

DTS Headphone:X v2.0 is a spatial audio renderer built to support the rigorous needs of gamers. A multi-platform solution, DTS Headphone:X works on PC, Xbox Console, or any pair of headphones and comes bundled with DTS:X. Visit our website for more information:

List of games that support Microsoft Spatial sound

Gears 5
Borderlands 3
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Forza Horizon 4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Assassin's Creed Origins
For Honor
Final Fantasy XV
Resident Evil 2
Metro Exodus
The Division 2

Why isn't my DTS Gaming Headphone unlocking DTS Headphone:X?

Gaming headphones that integrate DTS Headphone:X v2.0 or PC products that integrate DTS:X Ultra will automatically license the DTS Headphone:X and DTS:X products within DTS Sound Unbound.

Gaming headphones and PC products that integrate DTS Headphone:X (not 'v2.0') will require the in-app purchase to enable.

What countries or regions have access to DTS Sound Unbound?

DTS Sound Unbound is available in all countries and regions where the Microsoft Store is available.

How do I install DTS Sound Unbound?

There are two ways to install DTS Sound Unbound:

1. Click on the following link to go directly to the DTS Sound Unbound product page in the Microsoft store:

2. Select DTS Sound Unbound from the Spatial sound settings from the taskbar. This will bring you directly to the Microsoft Store page.

• Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar

• Select "Spatial Sound"

• Select “DTS Sound Unbound

How do I know DTS:X and DTS Headphone:X are working?

First you need to check if the technologies are licensed. From the app' homepage, check the left side logos for DTS Headphone:X and DTS:X. The text "✓ Licensed" should appear underneath the logo if that technology is licensed.

From the app' homepage, click on either of the top right or left logos for the two technologies. You will access the in-app technology page witch contains a short description, and a video that will demo the technology.

You can also click on the "Settings" link part of the DTS Headphone:X section on the app' homepage, then select "Explore Spatial Sound". By dragging the dot you will experience live the technology' capabilities.

On how many devices can DTS Sound Unbound be installed?

Up to 10 devices.

Is DTS Sound Unbound available on PC?

DTS Sound Unbound is available on any Windows PC running version 10.0.18888.0 or higher. 

On the taskbar, search for "system information" to discover the Windows OS version number running on the device.

Is DTS Sound Unbound available on the Xbox?

DTS Sound Unbound will be available as an update to Xbox coming later this year.

Will DTS Sound Unbound work on Windows 7?

This application requires a Windows 10 build 10.0.18888.0 or higher.

Does DTS Sound Unbound come pre-installed on Microsoft Windows?

DTS Sound Unbound does not come pre-installed on WIN 10. The Sound Unbound application is downloaded from the Microsoft Store.

If bundled as part of DTS:X Ultra for PC, it can be pre-installed as part of the build, depending on the manufacturer. Check the manufacturer website for additional information.

Is HDMI supported for DTS content?

At this time our focus for DTS encoded content is for headphones and multi-channel speakers that are directly connected to the sound card on the PC.  HDMI and home theater uses are on our roadmap where we are actively working with Microsoft to bring this feature to our DTS community.

How do I enable DTS Headphone:X?

If you downloaded DTS Sound Unbound as part of a gaming headphone or a PC purchase, DTS Headphone:X will be automatically enabled once you install and run the DTS Sound Unbound application.

If you have installed the DTS Sound Unbound application as an add-on, DTS Headphone:X is enabled by selecting "Try/Buy DTS Headphone:X" from within the application.

Additional instructions are available in the app.

How do I enable DTS:X?

DTS:X is enabled by selecting "Try/Buy DTS:X" within the Sound Unbound application.

What is the difference between DTS Headphone:X and DTS:X Ultra spatial audio?

DTS Headphone:X and DTS:X Ultra share the same core spatial audio engine. DTS Headphone:X audio processing is applied once a headphone is connected. This allows the users to select value-added features like alternative headphone-specific tunings from the extensive DTS library of headphones.

DTS:X Ultra is applied to the device’ loudspeakers (not headphones) and includes dedicated speaker tuning to optimize the sound.

How do I change my Microsoft Spatial Sound Settings to select DTS spatial audio rendering?

To change the spatial sound settings to DTS Headphone:X (or DTS:X Ultra):

1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar

2. Click on Spatial Sound

3. Select DTS Headphone:X (or DTS:X Ultra, for playback over loudspeakers)

Does DTS Headphone:X work with all headphones?

DTS Headphone:X enables immersive audio playback over any pair of headphones.

DTS maintains a database of 500+ headphones with custom tunings to optimize the listening experience, preserving accurate sound externalization and precise localization of audio objects. 

I have a gaming headset that already has DTS Headphone:X included. Will DTS Sound Unbound work with my existing gaming headphone?

Gaming headphones like the Logitech® G-Series line and the SteelSeries® Arctis line that ship with DTS Headphone:X technology onboard will work seamlessly.

When plugging in a gaming headset, DTS Headphone:X will be selected automatically. Continue to use the manufacturer's preferences panel to customize the listening experience as desired.

What content can I playback with the DTS:X Decoder?

The DTS:X decoder available via Sound Unbound is the DTS immersive audio decoder, designed to playback any DTS-encoded content, whether stored locally or streamed to a PC/Xbox Console.

Due to compatibility issues, not all MKV files with DTS encoded audio will playback properly in Windows movies and TV applications.

What languages are currently supported?

At launch, English, Chinese, Spanish, and German are supported. Additional languages will be added over time. Please contact us at with requests for languages not listed here.

How much does DTS:X Cost?

After a free trial period, DTS:X can be purchased in-app. The current pricing can be found on the product page:

How much does DTS Headphone:X Cost?

Purchasing DTS Headphone:X enables the DTS:X decoder, included in the product offering. After a free trial period, DTS Headphone:X can be purchased in-app. The current pricing can be found on the product page:

Is Windows Spatial Sound on all the time?

Spatial sound can be enabled or disabled from the taskbar by right-clicking on the speaker icon.