Unleash the power of IMAX at home and beyond.

Excite viewers with the most immersive audio and video

Consumers value the premium experience of IMAX Enhanced.

Whether you’re a CE manufacturer, streaming service or content producer, as part of the IMAX Enhanced ecosystem, audiences know they’ll get the thrilling experience across their devices exclusively enjoyed in IMAX theaters.


IMAX Enhanced brings the magic of the theatrical IMAX experience to the world’s largest streaming platforms
Exclusively remastered movies featuring IMAX’s signature picture and scale coupled with DTS’s sensational sound
Best-in-class TVs, speakers, mobile devices and more, IMAX Enhanced certification ensures the highest-fidelity image and sound

With IMAX Enhanced, viewers take notice.

Differentiate your content and devices with a premium cinematic experience.

Shot on IMAX cameras or IMAX digitally remastered, and coupled with a theater-quality DTS digital soundtrack, IMAX Enhanced films are exclusive versions of what’s screened in IMAX cinemas – the ultimate in unparalleled sound and vision.

IMAX signature sound by DTS

The truly elevated and immersive listening experience.

To reproduce the cinematic audio experience, IMAX chose DTS to deliver that unmistakable IMAX sound in the home and on the go. DTS audio technology preserves the full dynamic range of the original mix, so viewers feel every heart-pounding moment.

IMAX signature picture

The movies as they were meant to be seen.

Using ground-breaking proprietary technology developed by IMAX, IMAX Enhanced digital remastering produces more vibrant colors, greater contrast, sharper clarity and up to 26% more picture – images as action-packed and powerful as the filmmakers intended.

Incredible quality – exclusively certified

The added value of IMAX Enhanced picture and sound.

Defined by a certification committee of IMAX, DTS and Hollywood’s leading technical specialists, IMAX Enhanced devices meet strict performance standards of resolution, brightness and sonic fidelity. Across every device, IMAX Enhanced certification ensures the same captivating, premium picture and sound.

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