DTS Presents Avant Card

DTS HEADPHONE:X / Surround Sound to go

What if we told you surround sound doesn’t have to be confined to a multi-speaker home theater set-up, and that all you needed was a simple pair of headphones?

DTS Headphone:X makes all this possible with an incredible technology that simulates the 3D environment of the audio’s original mixing stage. And that means your movies, music and games sound exactly the way the artist intended.

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Experience Headphone:x

Plug-in your favorite pair of headphones to experience the below movie trailers in DTS Headphone:X

Movies, music, gaming and much more...


Headphone:X delivers an immersive, cinematic audio experience to your headphones. An experience that you’ve come to expect from a full, 11.1 channel surround sound movie theater. But it doesn’t just put a home theater audio experience in your pocket, it works with music and games too.


If audio tracks are recorded in Headphone:X surround sound, you can enjoy the full benefit of Headphone:X technology. But it can also improve the overall quality of your existing music as well.


Immerse yourself deeper in your gaming experience. Headphone:X gives you an unfair advantage by giving a new dimension to your hearing. So now you can hear your enemy before you see them.