DTS Sound Unbound Now Available on Xbox

We’re excited to announced that DTS Sound Unbound is now available on Xbox One and will be compatible with Xbox Series X when it launches this holiday. DTS solutions take immersive gaming to the next level with ultra-realistic, 3D audio that renders clear, rich and dynamic audio for the most engaging gaming experiences optimized by DTS audio technology for headphones.

DTS Headphone:X delivers a clear competitive edge to gaming enthusiasts of all skill levels and is designed to amplify engagement with multichannel titles available on Xbox One. Already built into millions of devices around the world, DTS Headphone:X includes integrated surround sound technology that renders sounds from above, below and close to the gamer with exceptional localized sound cues for truly immersive play.

List of games that support Microsoft Spatial sound

Gears 5
Borderlands 3
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Forza Horizon 4
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Assassin’s Creed Origins
For Honor
Final Fantasy XV
Resident Evil 2
Metro Exodus
The Division 2

DTS Sound Unbound has unlocked next-level gaming experiences for consumers around the globe since its launch on Windows 10 PC last fall, and we are excited to extend our relationship with Microsoft to make DTS Sound Unbound available via Xbox One. Our ongoing partnership with Microsoft to leverage its spatial sound framework with DTS’ integrated, intelligent and immersive audio solutions continues to benefit our licensing partners and consumers with an unparalleled audio gaming experience from Windows PC and Xbox platforms.

– Matthew Byrne, Senior Vice President and General Manager

We are focused on elevating the conversation around audio in gaming, delivering technology and innovation that plays a crucial role in the video gaming and streaming experience. In addition to technology support, we also build world class marketing and engagement programs to support our gaming partners. Through this combination of innovation and promotion, we will continue to expand our footprint within gaming, rolling out further partnerships and opportunities.


How to install DTS Sound Unbound on XBOX

  1. Launch the Microsoft Store app from your XBOX home page or the “My games & apps” screen.
  2. Select the Search tile.
  3. Using the on-screen keyboard, type “dts” and select the DTS Sound Unbound application tile from the results.



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