Hello! My name is Annie, I’m a 23 year old streamer from Michigan. At the start of 2018, I started streaming in order to find some LGBT friends to talk to, as well as give positive representation for my community, and I’ve worked a ton in order to make it my job. I’ve played video games ever since I was a kid, starting with Pokemon on the GBA, working up the generations of the DS, until I got my first xbox & FPS games in middle school. I then built my first pc in high school, which also ended up being my first streaming PC years later.

What game(s) do you play?

I play mainly FPS Games, currently Valorant. I’m a highly competitive player, and I enjoy competing in the top 1% of ranked players as well as doing practice scrims against established teams. If I’m looking to relax, I like to play low stress games like minecraft or the witcher 3, something I can get lost in.

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite song/artist?

Favorite movie would probably be one of the Miyazaki films. Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle, all of them have made me super emotional at how beautiful the writing, animation, and the fantasy is created. Favorite song is definitely Money by Pink Floyd. The whole album is a masterpiece and inspires me a lot as a musician and existentialist, since I’m hoping one day to write music with that level of energy. 

How does it feel to be part of the DTS Freshman Class of streamers, and what are you looking forward to most?

I’m a huge audiophile and try to get the cleanest audio possible for gaming and music,
so I’m excited to work with some more people passionate about audio design!

When you’re not gaming, what do you like to do for fun?

I like to play a lot of music, whether it’s on my guitar, bass, drums, or keyboard. I self teach myself music theory & just play random scales for hours trying to get faster each time. I also have two heeler puppies that I like to walk or throw frisbees for them to catch.

If you could have any superpower, what would you pick and why?

Shapeshifting, being able alter how you look and turn into animals would be amazing. Imagine just being able to turn into a puppy and lay out in the sun for pure bliss or giving yourself a makeover instantly and saving a bunch of time.

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