On Tour with Imagine Dragons
Smoke + Mirrors
June 1, 2015

On Tour with Imagine Dragons

Immerse yourself in the music and art of Imagine Dragons during the Smoke + Mirrors tour coming to an arena near you this summer. Featuring paintings and album designs created by renowned artist, Tim Cantor, and coupled with an exclusive Imagine Dragons DTS Headphone:X™ audio mix, concertgoers will experience Smoke + Mirrors in a new and intimate way.

At most concert dates, fans will be able to tour The Art of Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors gallery inside the venue. Each piece of art is accompanied by the corresponding Imagine Dragons track that served as inspiration, delivered in DTS Headphone:X technology.

With DTS Headphone:X and any pair of headphones, listeners are able to experience their favorite songs in fully immersive, surround sound - perfectly syncing art, music and technology.