Watch Now: Monetizing the Connected Car Experience

The connected-car entertainment revolution is changing the way we think about the in-car digital monetization landscape. Although there’s great potential for more personally branded and “lean-back” experiences, the development of monetization opportunities has fallen by the side of the road.

Tune in to this impactful video to gain true insights into the connected-car experience – and how you can take advantage of the automotive content revolution.

Xperi’s SVP of DTS AutoStage, Bob Dillon, explores both the unique in-car environment and the best opportunities for monetization.

“The question,” Dillon asks, “is how can we, from a UX perspective, do it in a way that accrues maximum value to the OEM brand, is accepted by the end users, and is relevant to the automotive media experience?”

Spearheading a unified, personalized content-first approach, DTS AutoStage drives value to OEMS with UX-driven opportunities that can include:

  • Inserted audio advertising
  • Sponsored discovery
  • Subscriptions
  • Subscription Bounties
  • User Metrics

Get ahead of the in-car entertainment curve and watch now.




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