Hear It Now: Get Big (Data) With DTS AutoStage

The connected car revolution is revving the engine on all kinds of content transformations. One of them is the big data and broadcast analytics that DTS AutoStage brings to the in-cabin experience.

Tune in to this compact and powerful podcast captured at NAB:NY, where Xperi’s Senior Vice President, Broadcast Radio, Joe D’Angelo sat down with Cumulus Media/Westwood One Chief Insights Officer, Pierre Bouvard, to explore the game-changing insights DTS AutoStage can deliver.

Deploying in Mercedes and eight other brands over the next eight months, DTS AutoStage is the only global hybrid in-dash entertainment solution. Joe D’Angelo explains,

“It combines broadcast radio, with IP-delivered metadata to basically make radio more discoverable … the driver would simply touch on the logo of the radio station they want to listen to and the receiver would automatically then tune to that radio station…. It’s really a revolutionary user experience for broadcast radio.”

But it’s not all about a more engaging UI. As Pierre Bouvard says,

“No matter how big your market or your station, you know, this is the first time you’re going to have kind of electronic updated information on how people are using your station.”

Discover the incredible benefits DTS AutoStage offers to automotive manufacturers, broadcasters and drivers alike with a quick listen here.