Download Now: Redefine the In-Car Experience with DTS AutoStage™

The connected-car revolution has the pedal to the metal, yet the user experience has often been left in the dust.

Download this eye-opening white paper from Strategy Analytics, Personalize, Monetize In-Dash Content, to get the insights on how automakers can strengthen brand loyalty, preserve access to data and prioritize safety.

“Most of the time spent behind the wheel revolves around visual and audio inputs to the driver. It makes sense for car companies to focus on delivering a top-notch content-first experience. DTS AutoStage helps make that happen.”

Find this takeaway and more, including how DTS AutoStage provides the tools to enable the creating of branded in-vehicle experiences and integrates broadcast radio sources worldwide with streaming content sources.

Create a detailed, personalized experience and uncover new revenue opportunities beyond audio. Download the white paper now.




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