DTS Drives Home Two Wins from NAB 2023, Showcasing Revolutionary Tech for the Broadcasting Industry

DTS wows NAB with latest broadcasting tech innovations 

DTS brought its A-game to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), showcasing their latest technologies and innovations in the broadcasting industry at the NAB show in Las Vegas. Our booth was filled with excitement and energy, featuring demos and technologies that aim to revolutionize how broadcasters position their station to advertisers and foster deeper connections between artists and radio listeners.

DTS AutoStage Broadcast Portal recognized with two awards  

The newly launched DTS Broadcaster Portal was recognized for its ability to provide unique insights into how car listeners engage with content, enabling new use cases for advertising and monetization for radio broadcasters.The solution ensures all radio stations retain editorial control of content, enjoy a rich and consistent user experience and benefit from rich listener insights and analytics. 

Aside from universal acclaim, DTS AutoStage Broadcaster Portal won a couple distinctions during the NAB Show, including Best of Show 2023 by RadioWorld and Product of the Year by the NAB. The Product of the Year recognized companies in 15 categories that contributed to innovative breakthroughs that transform how content is connected and capitalized. As one of the recipients alongside other cutting-edge solutions, we are proud to provide the industry with tools that futureproof radio programming as broadcasters gain insights into program performance, geographic location of audience, popular radio formats and content, and more.   

Learn more about the broadcaster portal here

Preserving the Prominence of Radio in Connected Cars 

As car remains the number one location for listening to radio, it has become quintessential for broadcasters to connect with audiences in a more unique and data driven way that competes with big tech. By leveraging DTS AutoStage, broadcasters have access to data that changes how advertisers and retailers view radio in the media mix. 

In the panel Driving Revenue and Insights with Connected Car Listening, Joe D’Angelo Senior VP, Broadcast Radio & Digital Audio, DTS, sat alongside other industry experts to discuss the power of understanding radio consumer behavior for the first time outside of the home. 

“When we designed this system five years ago, we went out to the leaders in the industry for their support, and we promised that we would deliver back to the industry analytics and metrics on how people are listening to the radio. And we would do that at no cost to the industry,”  D’Angelo explained. 

HD Radio and DTS AutoStage deepen artist-listener connections 

The How My Song Appears and Sounds on the Radio panel showcased Xperi’s HD Radio and DTS AutoStage as tools for creating new opportunities for artists to foster deeper connections with in-vehicle radio listeners. The panel featured Marshall Altman, a songwriter, Justin Chase, Chief Content Officer at Beasley Media Group, and Joe D’Angelo, Senior Vice President, Broadcast Radio & Digital Audio at Xperi, discussing how connected car technologies are bridging the gap between artists and radio listeners through modern, consumer-first ways.  

Through DTS AutoStage, broadcasters create more avenues for listeners to experience new music with easier access to music discovery and up and coming songwriters. By leveraging more robust metadata displayed in a visually friendly way, recording studios gain more in-depth exposure for new artists while broadcasters can optimize visibility for their partners through new music discovery. D’Angelo said, “we’re able now to take what starts with a song broadcast on the radio and build a relationship and an experience in the car that establishes a connection with the artist, and songwriters, that was never really possible before”. 

DTS AutoStage shakes up NAB with in-vehicle data 

DTS demonstrated multiple technologies in various demos at the booth that highlighted how in-vehicle listening revolutionizes how broadcasters connect with drivers through programming and user metrics. 

In addition to the DTS AutoStage Broadcast Portal demo, users witnessed the lyrics feature implementation in the Mercedes C-Class through DTS AutoStage, while the Hyundai Sonata displayed the first implementation of DTS AutoStage in mass market.  

DTS AutoStage provides an “amazing user experience for both analog and HD radio stations delivering back insights and measurement data and heat maps so you know exactly where your audience is, exactly what they’re listening to, when they’re tuning in and when they’re tuning out.” 

Paving the way for a brighter future with connected car tech 

DTS’s presence at the NAB show was electrifying, with demos, speaking sessions, and event sponsorships that were a testament to their passion for revolutionizing the broadcasting industry. Xperi’s cutting-edge connected car technologies are paving the way for a future where broadcasters can better understand their audience’s behavior and preferences, enabling them to tailor their advertising and programming to better suit their audience’s needs.