Nearly half of UK consumers say their car is a personal retreat

In January, DTS published a UK based report on consumers preferences for in-car entertainment. The report, The Evolution of In-Car Experiences, found the concept rings true for a significantly larger proportion of younger demographics. Two-thirds (65%) of drivers aged 17-24 enjoy their vehicles as a place to relax, closely followed by 61% of those in the 25-34 age bracket and 60% among the 35-44 age group. Additionally, the report revealed a striking 42% of UK drivers view their car as a personal retreat – a ‘third space’ that’s a mobile place outside of work and home to relax and escape the stresses of daily life.

According to the data, the majority of UK car drivers prefer their vehicles to traditional relaxation spaces. Notably, 67% see coffee shops as equally or less important than their vehicles as a place to relax. While 65% view restaurants and bars in the same vein, 63% gyms and 60% for beaches and parks.

Gereon Joachim, vice president of automotive sales & strategy at Xperi, comments: “We’re witnessing a remarkable evolution of cars. Modern vehicles are more than a mere transportation vessel. With comfortable seats, full surround-sound and ever-increasing screen sizes, they are quickly becoming a space that rivals the comforts of our homes.

“As we head rapidly towards a future of autonomous vehicles and younger generations increase their purchasing power, the need for car brands to meet the desire for a personalised, mobile sanctuary will only amplify. The in-car entertainment experience, including personalised preferences, the highest quality audio, and easily discoverable content is now of the utmost importance to consumers looking for a personal retreat.”

Further highlights from The Evolution of In-Car Experiences report:

  • Built-in entertainment experiences hold high value: The evolving nature of the vehicle as a personal haven demands a comprehensive range of entertainment options to cater to diverse preferences, with84% of those aged 17-44 regarding this as highly significant
  • A priority for male consumers: Interestingly, 46% of men — compared to 36% of women — identify their vehicle as a third space. This implies an affinity of vehicle interiors and experiences among male consumers
  • Personalisation is a must: A majority (59%) emphasised the importance of having content curated to their individual preferences or past choices in their ideal in-car entertainment system

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