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In his presentation at ScaleUp 360° Car HMI Europe 2021, Xperi’s SVP of Automotive Connected Media Bob Dillon talks about how content discovery starts with content and ends with consumption and how next-gen discovery will be driven by content, not platform.

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Here is an excerpt from the presentation:

Probably not a name that you have heard of, but you have heard of many of our brands. On the bottom DTS were the developers of the HD radio system. And as of last year, we merged with TiVo. And what I want to talk about today is what we call inside of Xperi content first experience, and in particular, how this is relevant to, to in car infotainment systems. But first, let’s just start with setting the stage a little bit, I’m from the standpoint of user experience, one of the one of them for the car, we’re about to make a significant transition from a traditional user experience that centered for was first around radio and, and now there’s a broaden in media. But we’re going to head toward a fully integrated media experience, the kind of experience that we are now used to on our tablets, or phones or on our TVs, we’re going to get that level of integration in our car. And when we do, it should be designed specifically for the car, they put the other way, what it shouldn’t be, is some other experience, whether it’s a handset, or whether it’s a TV experience, that you just cut and paste to the dashboard, the car is a unique environment, and will have unique characteristics and people will demand unique things in the car relative to other environments. Um, by way of an example, if you can remember back to the late 90s, Microsoft bought a company called Web TV. And this is the early days of the worldwide web, when people sat at their computers and you know, log on to AOL, or whatever they did. And they had a keyboard and mouse and they would they would get on the World Wide Web, what Web TV did is it took that experience and put it on the TV set. And it was a it was a failure. And most of you probably don’t remember it. And that proves the point that it was a failure. And the reason it was a failure is because it was a UX failure people the Web TV took what was made sense the user experience that made sense on the desktop, and simply pasted it to the television set, if people didn’t want to sit in their couch or in their in their comfortable chair with a keyboard in their in their lap in some form of a mouse and go to content, what they’re used to in, in the living room is to sit there with a remote control and have content come to them. So it was it was a it was a failure of user experience. And we should be very careful not to make those kinds of mistakes. As we design user experiences for the car. The car is not a living room on wheels, the car is not an office on wheels, the car is the car. And you can draw

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