DTS:X Ultra Audio Black Shark Pro 4 Phone – Gaming Audio

Xperi partner Xiaomi Technology’s new Black Shark 4 Pro phone featuring DTS:X Ultra technology has set a record by receiving an audio rating of 81 by the independent French benchmarking website DXOMARK – the highest score ever awarded.

high resolution audio

Released in March 2021 and described by DXOMARK as “the best audio performer of all phones we’ve tested to date,” the device is optimized for mobile gaming and movie/music playback, with specs including:

  • Fully symmetrical dual loudspeakers (top front-firing and bottom side-firing)
  • Three microphones with noise cancellation
  • Headphone jack output
  • DTS, AAC and Cirrus Logic components

According to the reviewers’ scientific assessment, the Black Shark 4 “… delivers one of the most balanced frequency responses we’ve measured to date, enriched by impressive low-end extension, impactful and sharp dynamics, an exceptionally wide sound stage, precise localizability, realistic distance rendering, consistent volume steps, and intelligible content, even at soft volumes.”

Read the full review here.

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