January 1, 2020

DTS® Virtual:X technology consistently delivers an elevated experience, making immersive audio possible in any room

DTS® Virtual:XTM enabled sound bars, TV speakers, or AV receivers are capable of delivering an immersive home theater experience with as few as two speakers, transforming your movies, music, or games to deliver life-like sound above, beside, and behind you.

Designed to perform in any room regardless of size, layout, or acoustics, DTS® Virtual:XTM technology is a flexible solution for any room configuration or budget. It’s is also an ideal companion for DTS:X® immersive decoders or any other immersive audio decoder.

TV Sound Reimagined
When was the last time you were truly blown away by sound from your TV speakers? If you’re like most people, audio from your TV falls flat, leaving you out of the action.  As TVs have become thinner thanks to advancements in panel technology, the audio experience has suffered due to compromised speaker space and design.

DTS® Virtual:XTM technology for TV speakers brings entertainment alive by delivering an immersive home theater experience. The result? Sound appears to emerge from all around you, without the need for a multi-speaker setup. You’ll recognize richer bass, notice clearer dialog, and be amazed how it transforms your experience when watching movies, listening to music and playing games. All from just your TV.

Sound Bar Magnification
While sound bars are an upgrade from TV speakers, most only provide directional audio which fails to surround listeners. DTS® Virtual:XTM technology revolutionizes sound bars to deliver immersive sound to your room without adding additional speakers. Movies and games shift from flat experiences to sensory adventures with clearer dialog and enhanced bass that envelops you. And since DTS® Virtual:XTM works in any room, immersive sound is available to everyone regardless of space or acoustic limitations.

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