The Best of Virtualized Immersive Sound


Consumers today can be put in the middle of the action when watching a movie at home like never before. Technologies such as Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray discs, 3D Televisions, multi-channel A/V receivers and advanced audio CODECs like DTS:X deliver a truly multi-dimensional, immersive audio experience in the home. For the first time in a long time, you can get the whole movie theater experience without having to go to a movie theater in any room.  But there are still some barriers to adoption, such as room size, layout, and household budget that conspire to limit your ability to enjoy a fully immersive audio experience in their living room. 

Introducing DTS Virtual:X

DTS Virtual:X bridges the gap between our DTS:X codec and the reality of so many consumers’ homes, allowing you to enjoy multi-dimensional sound regardless of room size, layout, or speaker configuration.

The Key Benefits of DTS Virtual:X technology:

  • Delivers an unprecedented acoustic performance regardless of speaker configuration or room layout -- enhanced bass, crystal clear dialog, and enveloping sound thanks to Virtual Height and Virtual Surround processing based on psychoacoustics (not reflective surfaces).
  • Delivers immersive sound experience regardless of room layout or speaker configuration (stereo, 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, etc).
  • Supports ANY CONTENT

DTS Virtual:X in A/V Receivers

Enjoy immersive audio today; add more speakers tomorrow for the full DTS:X immersive experience!

DTS:X technology in Audio / Video Receivers allows them to deliver a fully immersive audio experience when all the speaker channels are connected, but sometimes it is not practical due to environmental reasons to connect all the speakers.  In fact, our research shows that less than 10% of consumers connect the elevation (“height”) speakers to their A/V Receiver.  Well, not immediately.  That’s ok. We know you’re planning to do it at some point.

DTS Virtual:X in an A/V receiver means you can enjoy an immersive sound experience today, from as little as 2 speakers connected to your AVR.  And it gets better with every speaker you add, so the upgrade path is easy.  So, go ahead, buy that A/V Receiver you’ve always wanted.  Just make sure it has DTS Virtual:X so that you can enjoy immersive sound now and add those height speakers when you get your next bonus for a full DTS:X experience.

DTS Virtual:X in Sound Bars

Multi-Dimensional sound from a stereo sound bar?  Now you’re talking!

Sound Bars are a great way to enhance the audio experience from your TV. In fact, approximately 24% of US Households have them.  And some of the new sound bars include upward-firing drivers to mimic the height channels of a 9.1 channel or 11.1 channel immersive sound system.  But oftentimes the audio from those upward firing drivers in a sound bar is blocked by the TV itself or dispersed by a vaulted ceiling or other environmental factors.  So, while a sound bar will make the audio from your TV sound better, it will not deliver a full immersive sound experience.

Until now.

DTS Virtual:X Technology in sound bars puts you in the middle of the action.

DTS Virtual:X in Televisions

You won’t believe this is the sound from your TV!

Most people today have at least one TV in their home.  And, as TV’s have become lighter and thinner, the demand for larger screen sizes has increased.  In the US market alone, 86% of US consumers now own a TV greater than 40” (18% now own a TV of over 60”). Larger screen sizes provide a more immersive viewing experience, but the audio experience from a TV alone is compromised since a thin form factor limits speaker driver size and placement.

DTS Virtual:X technology provides an immersive, multi-dimensional sound experience without the need for larger drivers or additional speakers added to the TV set.

Works with any content

The great thing about DTS Virtual:X post processing technology is that it will work with the content you have today as well as any Blu-Ray, UHD Blu-Ray or other content you might buy tomorrow.  Go ahead, take out that first DVD you bought and experience new life brought to it thanks to multi-dimensional sound that DTS Virtual:X provides.  Enjoy immersive audio from Blu-Ray or Ultra High Definition Blu-Ray discs.