Technology aside, at the core of it, a modern car is an extension of its owner and its owner’s personality, tastes, and preferences.

Tomorrow’s car will have expanded personalization capabilities and will be central to having a live social media presence, working on the move, entertainment, health, and well-being, and even shopping experiences.

Redefining tomorrow’s car will be no small feat for OEMs, and automotive designers will need to find inspiration in the way we exist in the digital world today, how we manage this “second life” via mobile devices, but also in the way we create our identity and shape our preferences in our homes.

By infusing our environment or our devices with personality, we transform a house into a home, a device into “my device” and a vehicle into “my car”.

Safety and Comfort

At the core of it all we find safety. From the dawn of time, since the first man entered a cave to get away from the elements, safety was a priority. Today, in a home we have door and keys, alarm systems, walls, and windows. In a phone we have biometrics and passwords for each account, while in a car we have brakes, seatbelts, airbags or in-cabin sensing systems.

When safety is there, trust appears and this in turn, introduces the concept of comfort.

It is only then, when we are truly safe and comfortable that we can open ourselves up to extraordinary experiences and shape these experiences further.

Find out more about in-cabin as a holistic concept by watching this short presentation by Xperi CTO, Petronel Bigioi.

Here’s an excerpt from Petronel Bigioi’s presentation:

Our future is centered around personalized experience being an entertainment company. We believe this to be central to the development of the car of the future. And we do believe that all the vehicles of tomorrow will have in common sensing imaging and personal entertainment at their core. We have a lot of technologies that enable the future. And we are in in the business of image processing business of sound processing for more than 25 years and we have the chance to deploy technologies again and again in more than 5 billion devices out there.