Media Raves About Logitech G935's Audio
February 10, 2019

Media Raves About Logitech G935's Audio

Logitech's newest gaming headphone, the Logitech G935, has received critical acclaim for its incredible sound. These headphones are the first to have the company's proprietary 50mm Pro-G driver, enabling great sound with low distortion and deeper base. 

In addition, the headphones come with DTS Headphone:X version 2.0 to create virtualized surround sound. Paired together, these two technologies help make an immersive audio experience for any game environment.

Here's what media is saying about Logitech G935's audio:

"[The Logitech G935] are the first to use a new Pro-G 50mm driver that Logitech claims will combine serious bass with a "round sound profile." They're also the flashiest of the bunch with RGB lighting and 7.1-channel DTS Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound." - Engadget

"This is the first headset in the Logitech G line to come with the proprietary Pro-G 50mm Audio driver that can deliver deep bass and a round sound profile for highly cinematic audio... To take it even further, the company partnered up with DTS to include their Headphone: X 2.0 surround sound technology that is able to recreate the 3D environment from the audio’s original mixing stage." - TechTheLead

"Instead of the 40 mm drivers of the older headsets, the G935 and G432 both have 50 mm drivers, offering up a fuller sound pallet. Both feature DTS: Headphone X 2.0 surround sound, a fancy term for tech that offers positional audio... It definitely added to the quality and enjoyment of my gaming experience, and honestly, sounded great while listening to music or watching YouTube videos as well." - Digital Trends

"Starting from the high-end, the Logitech G935 features Pro-G 50mm audio drivers made of a hybrid mesh material that the company claims to deliver deeper bass and fuller sound profile. The Logitech G935 also bumps up surround sound quality up to DTS Headphone:X 2.0." - TechRadar

Hero Image Credit: Logitech