A Surprise Guest at The New York Auto Show
April 24, 2019

Karma Automotive and Xperi Partner to Showcase New Concept Car

Karma Automotive has partnered with Xperi to demonstrate premium DTS and FotoNation technology in their newly redesigned luxury Revero model. Unveiled at the New York Auto Show 2019, the new Karma Automotive vehicle incorporates both DTS Connected Radio and FotoNation DMS (driver monitoring system). These technologies are set to deliver a connected and enhanced automotive experience. The concept car will make several more appearances throughout the year. 

Karma Automotive Concept Car Front View

fotonation dms
FotoNation DMS demonstration

fotonation dms
Dual-View FotoNation DMS demonstration

dts connected radio
DTS Connected Radio

ice-t in karma
Ice-T checking out the concept car

DTS and FotoNation Seen as Integral to the Car