DTS Freshman Class – AshleyRoboto Standing Up for All Gamers

AshleyRoboto recently made front page Polygon.com news by posting a video that she created, standing up for any and all gamers who have a passion for gaming.

“I want you to look right in my eyes right now,” she begins, noting that she’s only speaking to a specific audience within her chat. “Shut the fuck up … let people play games however they want to.”

In the stream highlight, she expresses disbelief that anyone would roast her for playing a game on easy mode. In an email to Polygon, she clarified that the clip occurred during a Kingdom Hearts 3stream, a game that she said is notoriously convoluted and has some of the most confusing lore in video game history. This is why she’s playing on easy — she wants to focus her attention on parsing the story.

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