Xperi and DTS Panel Discussion: In-Car Entertainment, Who Dares, Wins

Xperi’s own Bob Dillon is on this panel about the future of In-car infotainment and in-car entertainment. Some of the questions addressed live:

How is in-car entertainment going to create a better travelling experience? Could this be the engagement EV adopters need – entertainment OnDemand while charging?

Achieving faster results through partnerships with software manufacturers – giving traditional OEMs the edge over the disruptors. What learnings and processes from smartphones and app providers could OEMs use to get ahead of the game?

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Here is an excerpt from Dillon on the subject:

“Can I build on something that you said, because you know, we’re talking about ways that we could do things in an enhanced way and that are unique for the car. And we know we’re focusing on connectivity, but take a step back and just realize that in 2021, the car audio system, in almost all cases is the best audio system you own. And the car is the best listening environment, anybody gets into including headphones, right? It’s the best listening environment. And the kind of attention that you make available to entertainment, you know, for the driver versus passenger is going to be different. But it’s a unique kind of an attention that you bring to the entertainment experience. That is a whole universe of opportunity for delivering unique services and content. You know, we talked about the cut and paste problem of just taking a mobile experience and slapping it on the dashboard. I think there’s an equal risk of taking mobile content or living room content and slapping it on the dashboard and missing the opportunity to exploit that sound system exploit that listening environment and not capturing the unique attention that people pay in the car. You know, I you know, I’ve heard some interesting conversations from entertainment companies that that they see that. And they they want to develop and distribute unique content that’s tailored to the to the automotive in cabin experience. I think that’s a that’s a whole world of opportunities. And I think, you know, car car companies are in a unique position. And their technology suppliers Don’t forget that, to to deliver that, that that content. And I think that’s a big opportunity that we really need to pay attention to.”



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