What is DTS:X for Television?

At CES 2023, DTS and LG announced their tech integration to bring the DTS:X for TV solution to a number of LG televisions in 2023. This is the latest in a slew of television partners who have chosen to integrate the immersive audio of DTS:X within their products.

We know the heart pounding audio it provides in theaters, but what does it mean to have DTS:X for TV? A DTS:X enabled television features intelligence that seamlessly adapts to any content and DTS enabled devices to deliver the best audio experience regardless of setup. DTS:X is the most advanced audio decoder by DTS. It delivers a premium immersive audio experience that provides true-to-life sound that is faithful to the creator’s intent.

The DTS:X for TV solution provides backwards compatibility with all DTS bitstreams and has a broad adoption across consumer electronics categories. In addition to local decoding — for playback over the Television speakers — and passing bitstreams to supported downstream devices, transcoding extends the audio experience with playback compatibility to other DTS:X and legacy DTS enabled products. DTS:X for TV retains the original channel content and adapts to support device specific output limitations and constraints. A television with DTS:X supports decode and playback from streaming platforms, optical media, traditional broadcast and locally or network stored content with full immersive capabilities.

The bottom line? Heart pounding sound isn’t just for theaters. DTS:X for Television brings it home.