The NOA N8 Launches with DTS Sound
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November 29, 2017

Introducing the NOA N8

A new NOA smartphone will be released this December - the NOA N8. The device sports a nearly six-inch diagonal screen, with an 18:9 ratio, a 5,000 mAh battery, and DTS audio technology for better sound quality.

The latest innovation in the N8 is the implementation of DTS Sound™, a comprehensive audio solution that provides an enhanced stereo image, sonic optimization for internal device speakers and a panoramic sound experience over headphones. In addition, DTS Sound restores the rich detail lost during the compression process, provides bass enhancement and delivers level volume across any type of content.

The NOA N8 will be the first smartphone from the Croatian manufacturer with an 18:9 screen ratio, and is expected to be available in the market in December. This smartphone will have a 5.99-inch HD+ screen, a 16MP front camera and a double 13MP + 5MP back camera, 5,000 mAh battery and quick charge technology.

“Our partnership with Hangar18 represents DTS’ growing footprint in the European region,” said Geir Skaaden, Xperi’s chief products and services officer. “The NOA N8 gives consumers in Europe the choice of a European-designed smartphone featuring a DTS audio solution that will deliver an extraordinary sound experience.”

“The cooperation with XPERI during the development of the NOA N8 device represents the beginning of implementing new technologies and functionalities that we wish to give to the users of NOA smartphones. By implementing DTS Sound technology, we will improve the quality of audio experiences on headphones and speakers. As we've previously announced, we are constantly working on improving user experiences by introducing advanced technologies on new models, such as biometric readings, video stabilization and more,” said Mr. Mario Kralj, owner and CEO of Hangar18.