DTS partner Philips brings first DTS Play-Fi enabled TV to market

The Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System, based on DTS Play-Fi technology, is a premium whole-home, wireless audio platform that allows consumers to stream high-quality audio from TV and mobile devices to compatible speakers throughout the home, using proprietary streaming, synchronization, and authentication technology.

The new Philips OLED805 series is the first premium model TV brand to include DTS Play-Fi technology. Now available on 2020 model Philips Android TVs, DTS Play-Fi expands the Philips Wireless Home System product offering to include new compatible soundbar and wireless audio speaker models too. All 2019 model Android TVs will also receive an over-the-air update to include DTS Play-Fi connectivity.

The Philips TV & Sound Wireless Home System will feature two high-quality wireless audio speakers, the W6205 and the larger W6505. Both speakers feature LED lights and can connect with Philips TV’s celebrated Ambilight system. The speakers can easily sync with the Philips TV to extend the immersive effect of Ambilight within the room.

Philips TV & Sound has also announced seven new soundbars—the premium Philips Fidelio B95 & B97 soundbars, and the company’s new high-quality 8000 range, all compatible with the Philips Wireless Home System. The range includes the single bar, integrated 2.1 channel 120W B8205 to the fully featured, 3.1.2 channel B8905 with 360W of power, a wireless sub and e-arc connectivity.

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