Logitech G935
February 6, 2019

DTS Headphone: X Included in Logitech G's Feature-Packed Lineup

This week, our friends at Logitech G unveiled several new models of headsets, including their new flagship G935. Among the upgrades for this model is a Pro-G 50mm audio driver, which is music to our ears since it's paired with DTS Headphone:X version 2.0!

This collaboration between the new audio driver and DTS technology takes Logitech's gaming headsets to the next level. The driver provides low distortion and better low end response while DTS Headphone:X version 2.0 creates a virtualized surround sound environment, placing enemy footsteps and environmental noises where they would naturally be. According to Logitech G Technical Marketing Director, Andrew Coonrad, DTS technology "gives you great positional audio to find out where things are in the game but also creates a more immersive experience. And when you pair that with the new driver, you get a great listening experience with... pretty much anything."

Check out the full interview with Logitech G Technical Marketing Director, Andrew Coonrad as he explains the features of the new headset:

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