DTS AutoStage: Broadcasters’ and Automotive OEMs’ Answer to Big Tech’s Push into the Car Radio Space

According to Deloitte Global, nearly 3 billion people listen to radio each day, and most of this listening takes place in cars. Digital transformation pushed by the adoption of 4G, 5G and smartphone technology has triggered a wave of high-tech innovation in almost every industry, including automotive.

Though automotive manufacturers have been late to take a serious dive into the potential of digital tech, Xperi and DTS AutoStage™ have made it a mission to help automotive OEMs easily and efficiently tap the benefits of this movement by adding hybrid audio to the car dashboard.

Big Tech companies like Apple and Google, who have mostly ignored the car radio market, now see its potential and are making moves to grab market share from auto manufacturers and other players in the space. Xperi’s DTS AutoStage is a unique, feature-rich hybrid audio product that may be the answer to winning and keeping the interests of drivers and passengers seeking an in-car infotainment experience.

How DTS AutoStage Delivers the Hybrid Car Radio Experience

DTS AutoStage has been developed to support automotive manufacturers who want to provide an integrated infotainment experience for their customers. To aggregate a global network of radio broadcast signals and deliver a high-quality hybrid car radio experience requires advanced processing of visible (above water) and hidden (below water) metadata. Producing truly competitive hybrid audio also depends on having partnerships with Tier 1 providers, broadcasters, and automotive OEMs.

DTS AutoStage’s powerful platform excels at delivering consistent hybrid radio services to billions of in-car radio listeners worldwide because it was built from the ground up to achieve just that purpose. Its success in the car radio arena has won it unwavering support from both radio broadcasters and auto manufacturers. Below, we provide some insight into how DTS AutoStage is able to produce global, scalable hybrid radio services by taking a look at the three pillars of the product: content, delivery and innovation.

Hybrid Radio Content

Content is the most visible asset of the DTS AutoStage platform and represents the principal means by which DTS AutoStage wins the loyalty of consumers. Without customer buy-in, there would be no incentive for automotive OEMs to install hybrid audio devices into their vehicles. To meet the expectations of the smartphone-era customer, DTS AutoStage delivers a visually- and interactively-rich experience. A few key features supporting enhanced content discovery and engagement include:

  • Searchable, savable content
  • Natural-language processing (NLP) for hands-free voice control
  • High-resolution visuals accompanying rich program guides and broadcast station profiles
  • Live performance guides that match the region of the driver and the media they listen to
  • The ability to purchase tickets to live performances right from the dashboard

While content’s role in attracting consumers is obvious, it must also meet the requirements of broadcasters and automotive manufacturers to be actionable. To that end, Xperi works tirelessly to ensure its DTS AutoStage product delivers a truly global service. To accomplish this, broadcasters are empowered to customize media streams to match station branding and regional, cultural demands. Equally important, all content is delivered to its global markets fully compliant with copyright law and licensing agreements, relieving automotive OEMs and broadcasters of the burden.


Hybrid Radio Delivery

Smooth, consistent delivery of a scalable, market-ready product is the second pillar of the DTS AutoStage platform. Delivery of service includes presenting consumers with an easy-to-use interface, and broadcasters and automotive manufacturers with the option of a plug-and-play or deeply customizable product. Additionally, DTS AutoStage’s content streams are made available in every market where a manufacturer sells its cars.

One of the platform’s many strengths setting it apart from Big Tech mirroring apps is an extensive background in car radio technology. DTS AutoStage’s developer, Xperi, has over 20 years of experience building technologies at the intersection of broadcast and automotive. Its work is supported by a global network of Tier 1 partners (such as Hyundai Mobis, Panasonic and Alpine), broadcaster stations and automotive OEMs with a vested interest in advancing the adoption and deployment of hybrid radio.

Another distinguishing feature is its truly global nature. Due to its partnership with an international network of major automotive players, DTS AutoStage is able to support over 60,000 radio stations and 170,000 broadcasts around the world, representing an extraordinary library of quality streaming media. This capability stands in significant contrast to smartphone mirroring services like Apple CarPlay or Android Auto™, which are siloed and more limited.

Lastly, as more connected cars hit the road, it has become clear that proper security measures are required to protect drivers and manufacturers from bad players. DTS AutoStage technology routinely undergoes extensive third-party security audits. The platform also has dedicated, 24/7 global support team ready to deploy a rapid response to any detected threats. Other fundamental security and privacy features of DTS AutoStage include:

  • Disassociation of personal identifiable information (PII) to protect drivers’ privacy
  • Robust, proactive network security
  • Regular penetration testing for cyber vulnerabilities
  • Adherence and implementation of the highest cybersecurity standards
  • Flexibility to accommodate the additional security requirements of automotive OEMs

Hybrid Radio Innovation

Xperi is an innovation leader in the hybrid audio/automotive ecosystem; as such, it’s always exploring ways to extend the DTS AutoStage platform to make it even better for its users. In pursuing this goal, it seeks to lessen and remove drivers’ and automotive manufacturers’ dependence on mirroring technologies and provide a truly integrated automotive infotainment experience.

The recent acquisition of media streaming company TiVo aligns perfectly with Xperi’s innovation goals. By adding this company to its portfolio, the DTS AutoStage library has been significantly extended, making it the largest in the world. Hybrid audio users now have access to more than 4 million albums, 40 million tracks, 1 million artists, synchronized music lyrics, media reviews and ratings, popular podcasts and more local event listings.

DTS AutoStage: Meeting OEM Expectations and Broadcaster Needs

The development of a global, extensible hybrid radio experience that meets the needs of listeners, broadcasters and automotive manufacturers is no small feat. It requires real knowledge of the automotive space, years of dedicated development and a constant eye on future opportunities and emerging technologies.

DTS AutoStage was created as a dedicated platform to meet customers’ expectations for a smartphone experience and automotive OEMs’ need to reach and retain more buyers. Reach out to the DTS AutoStage team today to learn how easy it is to integrate DTS AutoStage into your vehicles.




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