CNET Highlights DTS Connected Radio As Competitive Car Radio Service

With broadcast radio, satellite radio and streaming, there’s a lot of competition for in-car audio time. While streaming may be gaining in popularity, broadcast and satellite solutions like our proprietary DTS Connected Radio are leading the charge to provide competitive, feature packed car radio services.

According to a report by CNET, services like “DTS Connected Radio… strike back at streaming.” Through an interactive platform created through simultaneous broadcast and wireless data streams, DTS Connected Radio is able to provide more information and metadata to drivers, creating a richer and more dynamic system.

Also featured was HD Radio. Revolutionizing broadcast radio preinstalled in millions of cars, HD Radio utilizes digital streams to improve sound quality when listening on AM/FM stations. As CNET notes, “it makes FM stations sound CD-quality, makes AM stations sound FM-quality, and lets stations add additional stations to their base frequency.”

To read the full article, see here.




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