For Exhibitors
The next Generation of Audio for Cinema

DTS:X for cinema is designed to take full advantage of the freedom of being built on the royalty free, non-proprietary MDA object-based audio to achieve an optimal immersive experience from the very best and most elaborate cinemas, as well as within more modest cinemas where physical limits and cost constraints prevent adopting Premium Large Format installations.

DTS:X Cinema speaker configurations can be divided into two components: the base layer and the height layer. The base layer covers all the speakers in a typical 5.1 or 7.1 cinema, plus any added to fill the gap between the surrounds and the screen. The height layer covers all the speakers added to support height effects anywhere above the base layer. DTS:X permits configuration options for both base layer and height layer speakers. Once all of the base and height speaker locations have been fixed, a Speaker Configuration File is created that allows the MDA processor to generate the appropriate speaker feeds for each speaker and array. Sounds may be delivered to a single speaker or address an entire array as a group.

In short, DTS:X builds additional quality into the source to ensure the ultimate playback experience for cinema and beyond.  

DTS:X for Exhibitors Highlights:

  • Deeper end user engagement with immersive audio
  • Implementations can be scaled to different room sizes
  • Doesn’t require proprietary equipment, making it efficient to adapt to existing rooms