I’m Canadian from Southern Ontario and I’ve been gaming since I was 3 or 4! I’m very lucky that my family was into gaming, specifically my grandfather, who got me my first N64 along with some of the games from his own collection for me to have. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed. I was playing games every chance I got, chatting about them on the phone with my grandfather as we played, trying to play with my parents whenever I could, and gaming has been a HUGE part of my life since!
I found out about content creation and content creators at a young age, and have wanted to try to pursue it at least a little since middle school. I’ve made sketch content, music video projects and let’s plays on youtube over the years before settling into my home on Twitch.
What game(s) do you play?
I play any and anything that I feel like, usually! You can usually find me playing story based games and RPGs, though! If I had to pick my favourite games though, I would say Silent Hill (1,2 and 3), The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Final Fantasy X and Nier: Automata.
When I’m just in the mood to mindlessly game you can find me obsessively playing World of Warcraft or The Sims 4 too! 

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite song/artist?
My absolute favourite movie of all time is The Matrix. I’ve loved it for years and think it had a pretty big impact on me from a young age! It also sparked my lifelong love of Keanu Reeves so there’s that too, haha! 
I don’t really have a favourite song, but as for bands my tastes range pretty far! A handful of bands I adore are Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Tool, The Deftones, and Death Cab for Cutie.
How does it feel to be part of the DTS Freshman Class of streamers, and what are you looking forward to most?
I’m beyond excited to be a part of the DTS Freshman Class! I’m so excited to see what kind of cool content we can make together, and the cool things we as a group of streamers can accomplish. 
When you’re not gaming, what do you like to do for fun?
When I’m not gaming, I’m usually drawing! I’ve been an artist for most of my life, and now I pride myself on having made all my own channel art, emotes, and animations! Drawing is an outlet for me and a way to relax and let some creative energy flow.
If you could have any superpower, what would you pick and why?
If I had any superpower at all, I think I would love to be able to teleport or fly. I’ve always wanted to be able to travel at will to see my loved ones, as I’ve had family and friends all over the globe for my whole life. I’ve wished to be able to see them more easily or meet them at all for as long as I can remember!

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