InCabin Brussels: DTS Augments Connected Car Experiences

For the third installment of InCabin, DTS returned to Brussels as a founding partner and sponsor to present a thought-provoking discussion on the future of in-vehicle experiences and introduce a concept titled “The Augmented Cabin.”  

Kicking off the event’s first full day, Adrian Capata, Senior Vice-President for InCabin Sensing at DTS, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration and feedback received from Sense Media and industry professionals, setting the tone for an engaging session. 

The core focus of Capata’s presentation was the in-cabin journey, with a call to redefine the interior space of vehicles. While acknowledging the significant advancements made in car safety features, he highlighted the persistent utilitarian nature of the cabin, lacking a truly immersive and engaging user experience. Capata emphasized the importance of advanced driver sensing and underscored the need to address the occupants’ needs beyond mere safety measures. 

Introducing the concept of the car as a third space, Capata delved into the potential of a connected and adaptive environment within vehicles, challenging the industry to adopt a vision of a flawlessly distinctive in-vehicle environment that seamlessly blends the physical and digital realms. 

Capata emphasized the crucial role of imaging and sensing technologies in augmenting the cabin, enabling a seamless human-machine interaction experience. He envisions a future where vehicles create an exquisite third space, where the digital universe intertwines with the physical world, transcending the traditional notion of a car’s interior, across four dimensions: entertainment, productivity, well-being, and HMI. 

To illustrate this vision, Capata also played a video featurette related to the production of a DTS AutoSense-centric short film showcasing a day in the life of a family with a connected car featuring an evolving cabin.  

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and embracing innovative design principles, the Augmented Cabin aims to redefine the in-cabin space, offering a harmonious blend of comfort, safety, and digital connectivity. 

Wrapping up the InCabin Brussels event was another DTS appearance, where Vice President of Automotive Sales & Strategy, EMEA, Gereon Joachim, led a panel of peers from Bosch and QNX in a conversation on entertainment in the car, and how DTS AutoStage helps OEMs transition from a pure content delivery platform to an experience-centric one.  

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