Sound. Sight. Sensing.

We are celebrating 30 years of dedication to making the world extraordinary through sound, sight and sensing. From forever transforming the sound of digital cinema to delivering smarter technology wherever you are, we are innovating the solutions of tomorrow – and we won’t stop until every experience is sensational.

We create epic entertainment experiences at every turn. With the clearest, brightest visuals and heart-pounding, immersive sound, we’re everywhere people listen, watch and play – at the movies, throughout the home and on the most popular mobile devices and gaming platforms.

We saw the future in 1993 when we introduced our Digital Theater System to the world through thrilling immersive sound in the blockbuster film, Jurassic Park, forever changing the game.

Now, we’re transforming the automotive experience by bringing high-quality multimedia and personalization to the connected car, just like at home. With autonomous vehicles evolving consumer expectations, our top minds are rapidly innovating to create the dashboard of the future, accommodating more types of entertainment, from video to gaming and more.

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30th anniversary

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