Sensational 30

Join us in celebrating 30 innovative years of DTS

Sensational Voices

Hear from current industry experts and leaders on what working with DTS means to them.

DTS was a game-changer in the industry thirty years ago and it’s still rewriting the rules of immersive entertainment experiences today. There are a lot of people who will testify to that.

Igniting the Future

Get a preview of how DTS will provide superior entertainment experiences for everyone.

DTS has been delivering the unexpected for 30 years. By actively seeking challenges and creating better solutions, DTS will ensure people have extraordinary experiences in unimaginable ways.

Sensing the Future

See how DTS is using its innovative imaging technology to lead the in-car sensing revolution.

Built on decades of machine learning expertise, DTS AutoSense aims to sense and satisfy driver and passenger preferences, by working with partners such as Garmin on re-imagining car interiors as safe spaces where occupants can be productive and enjoy personalized entertainment experiences.

Tune in to Innovation

Learn how DTS rules the road with HD Radio and keeps driving entertainment innovation.

HD Radio delivers a more engaging in-car experience by connecting more listeners to more artists and new content, going beyond the music and the behind the scenes with partners like BMI to help make every road trip worth remembering.

Revolutionize Your Ride

See how DTS AutoStage turned early HD Radio success into revolutionary in-car infotainment.

DTS AutoStage works with partners like Garmin to give users what they expect from in-car entertainment via a next-gen AI-powered platform that customizes and fine-tunes the in-dash experience, turning every car into the ultimate entertainment machine.

It’s Game On for DTS

Tune in to see how DTS ups the audio game for gamers by taking headphone tech next level.

Designed with gaming in mind, DTS Headphone:X helps gamers get more immersed. Partners like Logitech perfect the union of hardware and software to create a more customizable and realistic experience.

Sensational Comes Home

Watch how DTS is bringing the home viewing experience to the next level with IMAX Enhanced.

With IMAX Enhanced, two renowned companies partner to deliver an immersive home viewing experience. Remastered movies from studio partners like Sony Pictures Entertainment, featuring IMAX’s scope and scale, best-in-class devices, and DTS’ immersive sound equal an unparalleled sound and picture experience.

Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi

Learn all about how DTS is delivering an untethered premium experience with DTS Play-Fi.

DTS Play-Fi is a revolutionary whole-home wireless audio system that allows people to connect their favorite devices over a home’s Wi-Fi network. See how partners like TP Vision help DTS deliver Hi-Fi sound without cables and wires.


Learn how DTS partnered with Universal and Steven Spielberg to take cinema sound by storm.

Before DTS launched its revolutionary multichannel system in 1993, audiophile-quality sound wasn’t available to everyone. DTS democratized sensational sound and continues to do so today with DTS:X.

Introducing ‘Sensational 30’

Get a preview of the weekly series that takes you inside the world of DTS.

Get ready to join DTS hosts ChelseaBytes and Uminokaiju as they talk about the latest technology with our experts and industry-leading partners.

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