Building on our expertise of audio excellence in theaters and on optical media, DTS delivers uncompromising audio quality to streaming services and their connected consumers. Regardless of the setup, be it soundbar, surround system or headphones, DTS-HD provides an engaging and powerful experience to end users with efficient coding for dynamic streaming environments. With ultra clear dialogue, deep bass, and enveloping surround, DTS-HD is the perfect addition for 4K and HD content, raising the experience for wide range of connected devices, from game consoles to connected TVs. When on the go, DTS Headphone:X provides full cinematic surround sound over headphones to your mobile devices.


Streaming services worldwide use DTS audio to deliver cinema-quality experiences to over a quarter billion devices and growing. Over 50,000 titles are available to be streamed in DTS-HD on over a dozen streaming services worldwide


DTS is committed to providing industry leading solutions and tools designed for your content delivery needs. From encoding, to cloud, to playback, DTS’ ecosystem partners offer solutions that bring value while simplifying integration lift. Not seeing a partner you’d like to work with? Let’s collaborate – please contact us at

DTS has developed professional solutions to easily adapt to your existing workflow. From encoding, to packaging, to playback – DTS provides a range of SDKs and tools to simplify deployment of surround audio. Please contact for professional workflow SDK licensing.

From cloud to QC, our team is ready to collaborate and bring DTS surround sound to your connected service.