Computing Solutions

DTS Sound

DTS Sound™ is a stereo audio post-processing suite to deliver 3D sound, elevated sound, speaker correction, intelligent volume leveling, and dialog enhancement from internal laptop speakers and headphones.


DTS-HD™ Digital Surround audio decoder with output up to 5.1 channels for streaming, file-based and disc-based DTS-encoded media

DTS Play-Fi

DTS Play-Fi® was designed with one goal in mind: to bring music home again. While it’s great to be able to hear any song, any time, anywhere from a device that fits in your pocket, it’s even better to enjoy that music out loud with amazing detail when you come home. With DTS Play-Fi, you can finally do just that. It’s not just the ease and power of wireless listening; it’s the unprecedented freedom to find this experience in all kinds of products from the brands you love.

DTS Studio Sound

DTS Studio Sound™ is a premium audio enhancement suite that uses our proprietary audio technology to create the most immersive and realistic listening experience via two-speaker playback systems by broadening the stereo sound field and providing an expanded sense of space and ambience, even when the speakers are closely spaced. Studio SoundTM also creates a virtualized, immersive, surround sound experience under headphones.