Auto Solutions

HD Radio

HD RADIO™ TECHNOLOGY broadcasts the best in subscription-free digital entertainment to vehicles. HD Radio delivers crisp Digital Sound, extra HD2/HD3 Channels, and album art and station logos with Artist Experience®. With over 2,100 HD Radio stations nationwide plus 1,700 HD2/HD3 Channels, consumers are sure to find something for their diverse entertainment tastes.

DTS AutoSense

DTS AutoSenseTM is a suite of automotive imaging and sensing solutions that deliver advanced in-cabin monitoring insights about the driver, passengers, pets or objects inside the vehicle in order to enable safe, personalized, and extraordinary in-vehicle experiences.

DTS Connected Radio

DTS Connected Radio provides the automotive industry with the largest global direct-from-source radio metadata solution; more than any other hybrid radio solution. Working directly with an established global network of broadcasters, DTS Connected Radio delivers feature-rich HMI capabilities, flexible design, low data/compute resources, and a single source for a new in-vehicleRadio experience.


DTS CS AutoTM technology is capable of upmixing stereo content up to 6.1 channels. It provides clearer dialogue, improved bass perception, and sound image elevation for a more engaging listening experience.

DTS Neural Surround

DTS NEURAL SURROUND™ is a high performance scalable upmixing solution that enhances surround sound playback of stereo signals from any source by creating an immersive, natural surround sound experience.

DTS Neural:X

DTS NEURAL:X™ is the world’s most comprehensive 3D upmixing solution offering up to 5.1.4 channels of immersive surround with near discrete Front and Rear-Height and Wide imaging. The restricted confines of a car’s interior are an ideal environment for enjoying the intensely realistic musical experience presented by multi-channel surround sound. If you’re listening to a “live” performance, DTS Neural:X can put you in the middle of the audience or put you right in the middle of the band itself.

DTS Sound

DTS SOUND™ is an audio processing solution designed to optimize the playback of music in automobiles. DTS Sound effectively elevates the audio image to a more optimal listening height regardless of speaker location and provides a deep, rich bass experience custom tuned to the automobile’s unique listening environment.

DTS TruVolume

DTS TRUVOLUME™ technology offers intelligent multi-band monitoring/analysis for consistent volume and a more natural listening experience when changing sources without pumping or artifacts.

DTS Digital Surround

DTS DIGITAL SURROUND™ TECHNOLOGY is the solid foundation and core on which our technologies are built. Offering up to 5.1 discrete channels at 48 kHz/24-bit at a constant bit-rate of up to 1.5 Mbps, DTS Digital Surround has over twice the audio resolution of other standard DVD audio formats.

DTS-HD Master Audio

DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO | 7.1™ AND DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO™ deliver up to 7.1 channels of lossless audio – for sound quality that is identical to the studio master. They also offer full decoding of all legacy DTS content, and superior handling of low bit rate (DTS ExpressTM) streams. To prevent annoying audio drop-outs, DTS adaptive streaming seamlessly adapts to changing input streams. These solutions provide consumers with immersive DTS surround sound (up to 7.1 channels) from DVDs, Blu-rays, digital delivery, video-on-demand, and broadcast media sources.

DTS-HD Master Audio

DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO™ decodes select DTS formats from Blu-ray DiscTM including DTS- HD Master Audio streams using the DTS 7.1 lossless decoder. It offers full decoding of all DTS bitstreams, including those with extended sampling rates, extended channel, extended bit- depth and lossless options. Flexible output configuration (Stereo to 7.1) is allowed.