Xperi Expands its Radio Offerings Across Europe with AIM Player and Rapid Four

The radio industry plays a pivotal role in most consumers’ daily life. Radio’s appeal lies in its blend of immediacy, accessibility and personal connection. In Europe, a recent survey from DTS found that 72% of respondents regard radio as very important to their ideal in-car experience. Despite the knowing advancements taking place with in-cabin video entertainment, radio has remained relevant through its adaptability and focus on innovation.

In an effort to help the broadcasting industry continue to elevate, innovate and reach new audiences, Xperi has been working to expand its offerings across the European market with the introduction of Nation Player and Rapid Four.

Nation Player – Combining the Power of AIM Player and Nation Broadcasting

Starting in June, Xperi’s All In Media (AIM) and Nation Broadcasting will begin offering a free to access radio and audio app in the UK. Aptly titled ‘Nation Player,’ the new aggregator app, which is powered by AIM Player technology, is open to radio operators and major podcast producers who want to reach a UK audience in the home, on mobile and in the car.

Nation Player allows AIM and Nation Broadcasting to bring an optimum audio experience to UK audiences. For example, if a listener wishes to switch between commercial stations or podcasts, they can do so. Additionally, the Nation Player app can be used alongside a radio station’s existing app. The open platform also welcomes non-UK radio stations to ensure a diverse array of content catering to varied interests while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

Some of the stations that are already committed to feature in the Nation Player app include Tindle Radio, Sunrise Radio, Panjab Radio, Countryline: The Big 615, Podcast Radio, Fun Kids, Dee Radio and Silk Radio. Nation Radio, Nation 80s and all of Nation Broadcasting’s fast growing brand extensions will also feature on Nation Player.

Nation Broadcasting executive chairman, Jason Bryant, said, “As streamed listening share accelerates, the in-car, connected experience becomes critical for listeners. We wanted to build a platform that is united and industry wide. With Xperi, we’ve delivered a best-in-class app, offering partner broadcasters the best experience for their listeners and a chance to share a collaborative revenue model with our content partners.”

Introducing the Award Winning Rapid Four to Europe

Xperi is bringing its award-winning AIM Rapid middleware platform to Europe. Since its launch in 2022 in North America, it has become the preferred solution for over 500 radio stations. Rapid delivers visuals to car dashboards, home receivers and mobile apps, making radio as visually appealing as it sounds.

Some of the key features of Rapid Four include:

  • European Market Support: Compatible with platforms such as DAB+
  • Enhanced Monetisation Opportunities: Support of visual advertisements
  • Cross Platform: Broadcasters can manage and deliver visual radio services across multiple platforms
  • Enhancing Content: Inclusive of licensed album artwork from TiVo®

As the European radio industry looks to the future, its ability to adapt to changing listener habits and tech advancements will be the key to its success. Collaboration between broadcasters and technology providers will be crucial in navigating the future of in-cabin entertainment advancements. Partnerships such as those between Xperi and Nation Broadcasting showcase the power of innovation to deliver compelling, personalised and interactive listening experiences. By embracing innovation and staying attuned to the evolving needs and habits of listeners, radio is poised to remain an indispensable asset to the European media landscape.

Xperi will be showcasing these products at Radiodays Europe in Munich, Germany on 17-19 March.

For more information visit: https://radiodayseurope.com



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