Gen Z wants video content in their car dashboard

In January, DTS published a UK based report on consumers preferences for in-car entertainment. The report, The Evolution of In-car Experiences, shines a light on Gen Z’s desire for connected cars with dynamic content experiences. An overwhelming 88% of 17-24 year olds expressed the importance of in-car entertainment experiences that are personalised to their tastes and interests. Also, the report found a striking 65% view their car as a ‘third space’, a mobile place outside of work and home to relax and escape the stresses of daily life.

As a part of this in-car sanctuary, 64% of UK Gen Z’s are interested in having video, including live TV and on-demand streaming, safely available as part of their vehicle dashboard. While over a third (36%) go as far to say that a high-quality video capability in a specific vehicle model would positively impact their purchasing decision.

Further Gen Z insights from the Evolution of In-Car Experiences report:

  • Abundant features matter: 65% Gen Z want rich visual/textual information about the artist and song they are listening to, and 61% desire a broad range of content such as local radio, streaming, podcasts, and audio books.
  • Built-in experiences must fulfil the uniqueness of their third space: 62% say the in-car experience must be more than a mirror of their smartphone. They want the highest quality audio experiences, easily discoverable content, and the ability to adjust the in-cabin environment to comfort and wellness preferences.
  • Cars are taking getaway experiences to new heights: Over a third (37%) Gen Z said the gym/yoga studio and beach (29%) are less important spaces than the car as a third space to relax and escape the stresses of work.

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