Experience the DTS Headphone:X Difference 

Demo video showcases the impact and advantages of 3D surround sound. 

Imagine hearing your target before seeing it. Or feeling like you’re not just playing a game, but living in it. That’s what gaming is like with DTS Headphone:X. The technology behind DTS Headphone:X elevates every kind of gameplay by immersing gamers in whatever world they’re exploring. 

Most gamers today are used to a traditional surround sound, where sound is really only projected from two dimensions, front and back. What sets DTS Headphone:X apart is the addition of a third dimension, with sound also coming from above, an enhancement that changes the way you experience a game. 

We can talk about the tech all day, but the best way to understand the DTS Headphone:X difference is to experience it for yourself. That’s why DTS has created an immersive demo video that showcases multiple environments where audio takes gaming to another level. 

After putting on a pair of headphones – and any headphones will work – one of the first things to note is even in a colorful world with sounds coming from seemingly everywhere, dialogue comes through crisp and clear. From there it could be the squishy beating heart of alien plant life that draws you in. Or the whoosh of an aircraft above signaling incoming danger. Or even the roar of a potentially dangerous creature that appears in the distance, and you hope will stay in the distance. Any and all of these audio cues, plus literally dozens of others, bring you closer to the game than ever before. 

From the creepy click-clack of spider legs on the walls around you, as well as their guttural noises, to the sounds of your own feet crunching the path, DTS Headphone:X delivers the most realistic surround sound experience. 

Check out the gaming demo video today to witness the immersive power of DTS Headphone:X. 

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