The Blonde Don’ himself Colson Baker, better known the world over as Machine Gun Kelly  joined RADIO.COM’s Nicole Alvarez in the DTS Sound Space on Sunday, March 7 for a special chat and exclusive performance. Watch the recorded interview here.

With the successful release of Kelly‘s Downfalls High musical a chart-topping record, new music with YUNGBLUD last month, and our hearts completely captivated by his and actor Megan Fox‘s whirlwind romance, we had plenty to talk about.

Following an exclusive performance, MGK and RADIO.COM’s Nicole Alvarez got into the weeds about her first impression of the rapper, singer, and actor — and when exactly MGK realized he was more than just a one-trick pony.

Kelly says his creativity initially stemmed from an unstable home life, which led him to emulate the characters he saw in movies and heard in his headphones. “Probably when I wanted to be a Jedi,” Kelly says about his realization that his path would be many.

You would assume, with the success of his latest album and mini-musical, there comes a time for him to focus in order to complete the many tasks he’s set forth for himself, whether that be acting, songwriting, or otherwise. Don’t assume.

“The cool thing about that, in regards to what the future holds,” he says, “is I haven’t done that yet. I haven’t focused all of my energy into one thing yet. So even if you think I’m good at multiple… I haven’t yet given the world a version of me where I only focus on directing or acting, or just music because it seems like I haven’t accessed that part of my patience yet… ‘Tickets To My Downfall’ was my first experience doing that.”

“Most people don’t even get to a fifth album,” Kelly says, thinking of the wide success of his latest release. “So the fact that that was what has catapulted me into whatever realm we’re in now is blowing my mind… and to know that I haven’t made my best work yet is giving me a lot of hope.”