DTS Headphone:X and Logitech G – Partners at Play 

How do the best gamers make their gaming hardware even better? By pairing their hardware with the best software. That’s exactly what DTS Creator Class streamer, ChelseaBytes, does with her Logitech G733 headphones featuring DTS Headphone:X. At DTS, our partnerships with industry leaders like Logitech and relationships with gamers because they allow us to help bring better gaming experiences to everyone, from pro streamers to the everyday gamer. 

The DTS Headphone:X 3D Difference 

The more gamers are immersed in a game, the more they enjoy the experience – and the more they come out on the winning side. That’s because there’s a real benefit if you can hear an enemy before seeing one. 

The 3D surround sound DTS Headphone:X brings to the table creates that level of immersion, delivering the kind of sound localization that helps you stay alive by enabling you to be laser-focused and fully engaged in gameplay. Gamers can also use the DTS Sound Unbound app to unlock DTS Headphone:X for Microsoft Spatial, another notable partnership that benefits everyone involved. 

Blue VO!CE Featuring DTS Audio Enhancements 

Hearing great sound is one thing, but for many streamers delivering great sound to their fanbase and followers is just as important. Logitech Gheadphones with Blue VO!CE microphone technology featuring DTS Audio Enhancements provides professional audio output, and offers access to even more custom filters with broadcast quality sound. 

Logitech G HUB Integration 

Adding DTS technology to partner portals lets that tech fully increase the benefits of the products those partners offer. A prime example of this is the Logitech G HUB portal where users can customize and optimize Logitech G gear, from headsets, of course, to microphones, speakers and more so gamers can experience the power of DTS enabled products together. Partners like Logitech can choose which customizable DTS options they want to offer their customers, like setting custom EQ and surround preferences based on different game profiles. 

Overall, DTS works extremely closely with all of our partners to integrate DTS Headphone:X and all DTS tech into their devices and to work seamlessly with their existing software. For the user, the end result is being able to enjoy a consistently high-quality experience across high-caliber headsets and other devices designed precisely for performance and comfort. 

See how gamers and streamers alike, including DTS Creator Class streamer ChelseaBytes, leverage multiple DTS technologies like DTS Headphone:X to make their gaming experiences not just better, but sensational. 

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