DTS AutoStage Wins the Digital Entertainment Group’s Emerging Tech Award

DTS AutoStage has been recognized with the Digital Entertainment Group’s (DEG) EnTech Emerging Technology Award, representing a transformative leap in the way we experience entertainment within our vehicles. The platform seamlessly combines both linear and on-demand content for a unified, user-centric experience that’s truly revolutionary.

Revolutionizing In-Car Entertainment

The world of automotive entertainment is changing rapidly, and DTS AutoStage is leading the charge.  With 20% of content consumption trending toward video in the car1, DTS AutoStage is best positioned to create a truly immersive and personalized in-car entertainment experience beyond audio, seamlessly integrating radio, music, podcasts, TV shows, movies, games, and more.

One of the key trends driving DTS AutoStage’s success is the proliferation of multiple displays within vehicles and the emergence of various attention zones. With screens in the driver’s seat, co-driver’s seat, and passenger seats, there are more opportunities than ever for delivering entertainment through both audio and video. A Vision for the Future.

DTS AutoStage isn’t just about adding more entertainment options to your car. It’s about creating a seamless transition from your digital ecosystem at home to your vehicle and on the go. By anticipating your entertainment needs based on factors such as your content consumption history and real-time information from the vehicle’s sensors, DTS AutoStage ensures that your in-car entertainment is personalized, localized, and relevant for all vehicle occupants. For example, for families with children, DTS AutoStage can adjust content delivery for kids in the car, ensuring a fun and safe content consumption experience.  For drivers, DTS AutoStage can incorporate biometric data into its machine learning algorithms, responding to fluctuations in heart rate or breathing to provide a calming or stimulating experience, contributing to both entertainment and safety.

Three-Pronged Approach to Excellence

DTS AutoStage’s success is underpinned by a three-pronged approach:

Deep Knowledge of Automotive OEMs: With over two decades of partnerships with global automotive manufacturers, the technology is integrated into over 150 million vehicles worldwide.

Expansive Content Ecosystem: DTS AutoStage leverages partnerships with broadcasters, music labels, movie studios, TV broadcasters, and OTT platforms to offer a truly global content ecosystem.

Customer-Centric Technology Stack: Using AI-based core technologies, including an award-winning discovery engine, DTS AutoStage delivers personalized and engaging content experiences.

DTS AutoStage offers numerous benefits:

For Automotive OEMs, it provides design flexibility, global coverage, secure networking, and customizable options.

For Content Service Providers, it opens new audiences and enhances content discovery and consumption.

For Consumers, it makes entertainment in the car more seamless, immersive, and personalized.

DTS AutoStage’s Impact on the Industry

The impact of DTS AutoStage is already evident. It was integrated into the Daimler MB User Experience (MBUX) in the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2020, and it has since been adopted by five OEM partners across 52 models. BMW has also announced its adoption of the DTS AutoStage™ video service Powered by TiVo™ in its new 5 Series vehicles.

DTS AutoStage showcases the need for the automotive industry’s need for cutting-edge entertainment solutions as well as a testament to the power of innovation. It represents the future of in-car entertainment, making every journey more enjoyable, personalized, and safe.

In the world of automotive entertainment, DTS AutoStage is steering us into an exciting new era. As it continues to evolve and expand its reach, we can expect even more thrilling innovations on the horizon.

“Thank you Digital Entertainment Group for recognizing our DTS AutoStage product family by awarding us the DEG EnTech Emerging Technology Award. This award validates our strategy and our product that delivers exceptional automotive media discovery and delivery experiences for radio, music, podcasts, TV, and movies. Demand for our product has been extremely strong, and this EnTech Emerging Technology Award is confirmation that both the automotive AND media industries enthusiastically embrace our product” Bob Dillon, senior vice president of DTS AutoStage expressed.

To experience this game-changing technology for yourself, visit dts.com/autostage.

1 TiVo Video Trends Report



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