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DTS Sound Transforms Your Home

Explore DTS Tech in each room of your home

Host the
house party

Speakers, receivers, and soundbars from your favorite brands featuring DTS Play-Fi® technology, deliver premium wireless audio to every room in your house.

Polk S6 wireless speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology
Polk S2 wireless speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology
Definitive W7 wireless speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology
Paradigm PW800 tabletop speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology
Phorus PS5 speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology
Martin Logan Crescendo wireless speaker with DTS Play-Fi technology
VIZIO P-Series with DTS StudioSound and DTS TruVolume technology

Grab the
popcorn —
it’s movie time

With DTS audio solutions for home entertainment, like DTS Premium Sound™ your home theater has never sounded better!

Play to Win

Immerse yourself deeper in your gaming experience. With DTS Headphone:X® you can hear your enemies before you see them.

Microsoft Xbox One game console featuring DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1

Take the
Cinema Home

Immerse yourself in our multi-dimensional audio. Sounds get real with AVRs and Soundbars featuring DTS:X™ technology.

Denon AVR-X7200W/WA featuring DTS:X technology

DTS Home

DTS offers audio solutions that deliver a premium and immersive audio entertainment experience from a wide variety of products found in your home.

DTS:X™ makes sound move around you like it would in real life - without requiring specific speakers or custom configurations. From the big screen, to home theaters, to the phone your pocket, DTS:X makes sound real.

Headphone:X®provides an unmatched, immersive listening experience where sound is heard from above, beside and in front of you when devices are enabled with the DTS Headphone:X solution.

Play-Fi®is premium, whole-home wireless audio available from the largest ecosystem of brands in the world. Working through your existing Wi-Fi®, it lets you effortlessly stream music to any Play-Fi-enabled speaker.

DTS Express 5.1 is a proven high quality, low bit-rate audio codec for scalable and adaptive streaming with no audio dropouts, providing a seamless entertainment experience.

DTS HD digital surround audio decoder for streaming media, featuring adaptive streaming for smoothing streaming bandwidth fluctuations and compatibility with layered audio.

DTS Digital Surround™ decoder with output up to 5.1 channels for streaming, file-based and disc-based DTS-encoded media.

DTS 2.0 + Digital Out enables a device to decode and playback DTS content, or transmit the multi-channel stream to connected audio systems.

DTS Sound™ is a comprehensive audio solution that delivers a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video.

DTS Sound II includes multichannel virtualization for a more impressive and accurate virtual surround experience, with next-gen bass enhancement and improved dialog clarity.

DTS Studio Sound post-processing creates virtual surround sound for an immersive surround experience, with level volume and improved bass across content.

DTS Studio Sound II™ is our flagship post processing suite. It includes all the features of Studio Sound plus next-gen bass enhancement, volume leveling, and surround sound technologies.

DTS Neo:X™ An advanced audio up-mix solution capable of rendering 11.1 surround sound, delivering an elevated entertainment experience.

DTS TruSurround™ delivers bass enhancement, surround sound virtualizer, dialog enhancement, and maximum audio clarity for a variety of products in the home.

DTS TruVolume™ provides best-in-class audio volume leveling to provide a consistent loudness experience across sources and within content such as from program to commercial.

DTS-HD Master Audio™ decodes select DTS formats from Blu-ray Disc&red, including DTS 7.1 lossless.

DTS Neural Surround™ creates an immersive, natural surround sound experience from any source.