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vTime VR Updated to Include DTS:X Game Audio

December 6, 2018

vTime, a free-to-play virtual reality social environment, rolled out their latest game update to include DTS:X Game Audio to users worldwide today. This comes after nearly a year of close collaboration with technical engineers at DTS to ensure the 3D VR audio experience was as realistic and lifelike as possible.

This collaboration marks the first use of DTS:X Game Audio in consumer products. With sound solutions featured in cinema, speakers, and headphones, DTS has been a leader in 3D audio environments. Incorporating DTS:X Game Audio with VR technology was perfect partnership. 

“We believe that premium, immersive audio is essential for the best VR experience. vTime is the perfect platform and partner for DTS to deliver audio technology that enhances the user experience,” adds DTS Executive Vice President and Chief Products and Services Officer Geir Skaaden.

Skaaden's words ring true as with DTS:X Game Audio, vTime users will now experience a new depth of virtual reality. With DTS integration, not only will it appear like users are in an entirely new reality, but it will sound like it too. 

"vTime's mission has always been to be the easiest and most immersive way to connect in alternate realities," said vTime Managing Director Clemens Wangerin. "Integrating DTS:X Game Audio brings us closer to achieving absolute immersion for our community."

For more, read the official release here: link