DTS Craft Masters: Driving on the Edge of Innovation. Get Behind the Wheel With Logitech G.

Thirty years of dedication

Since 1993, DTS has been collaborating with industry leaders like Logitech to create ground-breaking multisensory experiences.

Get in the driver’s seat as DTS sits down with Logitech’s brilliant engineers to go under the hood of the pulse-pounding Logitech G Racing Simulator, featuring:

• A hyper-realistic immersive environment developed with input from the top drivers in motorsports and esports

• Logitech TRUEFORCE real-time feedback through the Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and the Logitech G Pro X Wireless headset with DTS Headphone:X surround sound audio

• The incredible DTS Headphone:X immersive audio, accessible through the Logitech G Hub, giving gamers the edge with 3-D cues like the roar of competitors’ engines and the g-force squealing of tires on every turn

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