IBT Review: DTS Sound Unbound and DTS:X Worth the Upgrade

DTS’s audio technologies recently received glowing reviews from International Business Times reporter Bob Feteke.

Coming out of a deep dive into DTS Sound Unbound and DTS:X, Feteke closed with this:

DTS Sound Unbound and DTS Headphone:X offer some spectacular audio upgrades for every gaming headset. It makes audio sound more clear, natural and immersive thanks to its spatial audio techniques. When a Headphone:X-optimized pair of headphones and a Headphone:X optimized game pair up it’s pure bliss, but even when things aren’t optimized they still sound so much better.

Considering Headphone:X is available for one $20 purchase, it’s a no-brainer. Using Headphone:X allowed me to perform better in online games and enjoy the sounds of lower-stakes games immensely more than the standard uncompressed stereo audio that is used by default. Add on that I can access Headphone:X across devices, and that makes it sound that much sweeter.

Bob Feteke

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