Wed, 08/26/2015 - 00:00

DTS Space LA Event "The World of Mad Max The Game"

We recently hosted a DTS Space LA event at the FLOOD Gallery, "The World of Mad Max The Game." The post-apocalyptic bash featured the game’s original concept art, DJ sets and live gameplay featuring fully immersive DTS Headphone:X audio technology.

DTS Space LA is a new monthly event series created in partnership with Flood Magazine. Each event will showcase elements of sound through a variety of the arts to guests who recognize and appreciate innovation through creative expression.

Photo credit: Colin Young-Wolff

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 00:00

DTS Magic Speaker with Ivy Levan


The 16-foot-tall DTS Magic Speaker surprised people on the Venice Beach Boardwalk this afternoon. What was teased as a listening party for singer/songwriter Ivy Levan’s debut album, “No Good,” began that way, with the first two songs emanating from the speaker. At the conclusion of the second song, the front of the speaker began to raise as Levan and her band were revealed to be playing live inside. The Arkansas-born, Los Angeles-based singer emerged from the speaker and was joined by two dancers, to perform five more songs for the crowd of hundreds that converged.

Mon, 06/01/2015 - 00:00

On Tour with Imagine Dragons

Immerse yourself in the music and art of Imagine Dragons during the Smoke + Mirrors tour coming to an arena near you this summer. Featuring paintings and album designs created by renowned artist, Tim Cantor, and coupled with an exclusive Imagine Dragons DTS Headphone:X™ audio mix, concertgoers will experience Smoke + Mirrors in a new and intimate way.