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We keep you in the know about the future of entertainment everywhere you listen, watch, and play!

Sight. Sound. Sensing.

We are celebrating 30 years of dedication to making the world extraordinary through sound, sight and sensing.

From forever transforming the sound of digital cinema to delivering smarter technology wherever you are, we are innovating the solutions of tomorrow – and we won’t stop until every experience is sensational.

Movies, Music, and Games Transformed.

A new level of quality in home entertainment.

DTS enhances your favorite entertainment with immersive and realistic sound that surrounds you, allowing you to experience your favorite movies, music, and games like never before.

The Augmented Cabin

In-Cabin Experience with Safety In Mind.

DTS is transforming the in-cabin experience by enabling an augmented cabin for the connected car. Shaping it as a third space, we bring together sensing, high-quality entertainment and personalization for sensational experiences.

30th anniversary

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