Current version 1.5



The DTS-HD MediaPlayer is our legacy QC tool to enable playback of DTS-enabled content for UltraViolet™, Broadcast, Digital Delivery and IPTV ecosystems. It supports MPEG-4 and unencrypted UltraViolet CFF (.uvu) files, including support for AAC audio decoding and text-based subtitle monitoring. In addition, it offers up to 7.1 channel playback via CoreAudio compatible I/O devices and full-screen HD video playback via an optional second display.

DTS:X MediaPlayer now available featuring playback of immersive, interactive object-based audio encodes using our latest technology - DTS:X!

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Key Features

  • Supports multiplexed MPEG-4 & unencrypted UltraViolet CFF (.uvu) files
  • Text-based subtitle monitoring for UltraViolet CFF (.uvu) files
  • Supports playback of DTS (.dtshd) elementary streams
  • AAC decoding support for multiplexed files
  • Up to 7.1 audio output via CoreAudio compatible devices
  • Speaker soloing and audio level metering
  • Plays QuickTime compatible video formats with window re-sizing and full-screen support for enhanced sync evaluation
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation
  • Loop mode with assignable in and out points
  • Playlist window to queue and compare multiple files

System Requirements

MAC OS X 10.5 THROUGH 10.10 (MAC OSX 10.11 is not supported)

  • Intel processor, Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or higher recommended
  • 2GB RAM; 4 GB recommended
  • Java™ 2 Standard Edition Runtime Environment, 32-bit Version 6 or 5
  • USB port for iLok dongle"