Production Tools

DTS is committed to providing world-class tools and delivery solutions to the professionals who bring entire worlds to life for audiences around the globe. With the DTS:X Creator Suite post-production and digital media content professionals can create and deliver rich, immersive soundscapes for the cinema and home.

DTS:X Creator Suite is a comprehensive collection of tools designed to give content creators the freedom to mix and deliver immersive, interactive, object-based DTS audio content for digital cinema, Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and other premium formats.

  • World-class Workflow
    • Each tool featured in the DTS:X Creator Suite is designed to work together alongside other tools, allowing for the creation, testing and delivery of immersive audio content through your existing workflow.
  • Immersive, Object-based Audio Production
    • The MDA Tools provide a highly efficient and flexible solution for modern professional content production for digital cinema and digital media, based on MDA, a royalty free, open standard audio technology that easily integrates into existing production workflows and professional environments.
  • Fast and Efficient
    • The interface of the DTS:X Encoder offers a simplified workflow that makes it easy to create full-file and segment-based encodes from a wide range of input formats. Verify DTS bitstreams and edit without the need for an additional encode pass using the DTS:X Bitstream Tools.
  • Deliver with Confidence
    • With support for various file types, the DTS:X Media Player is a professional software player that allows professionals to QC DTS encoded audio against video with complete control over the playback including downmix monitoring.

The DTS:X Creator Suite is available now to professionals through:

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