Mobile Solutions

Experiencing great audio on a mobile device can be challenging. DTS has designed technologies that address audio challenges on mobile devices to deliver the best audio experience possible – anywhere and everywhere.

DTS Headphone:X® technology was designed for the listener who wants the best quality audio for mobile, television and media systems. Headphone:X provides an unmatched, immersive listening experience, custom-tuned for the individual. With this innovative technology, sound is heard from above, beside and in front of the listener when content and devices are enabled with the DTS Headphone:X solution.

DTS Play-Fi® wireless audio streaming technology was designed with one goal in mind: to bring music home again. While it’s great to be able to hear any song, any time, anywhere from a device that fits in your pocket, it’s even better to enjoy that music out loud with amazing detail when you come home. DTS Play-Fi delivers the unprecedented freedom to find this experience in all kinds of products from the brands you love.

DTS Studio Sound™ is a premium audio enhancement suite that uses DTS proprietary audio technology to create the most immersive and realistic listening experience via two-speaker playback systems by broadening the stereo sound field and providing an expanded sense of space and ambience, even when the speakers are closely spaced. Studio Sound also creates a virtualized, immersive, surround sound experience under headphones.

DTS Sound™ is a comprehensive audio solution that delivers a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS Sound, users enjoy an expanded stereo image, sonic optimization for internal device speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. In addition, DTS Sound restores the rich detail lost during the compression process, provides bass enhancement and delivers level volume across any type of content.

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