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DTS offers decoding and post-processing solutions that deliver a premium and immersive audio entertainment experience from a wide variety of products in your home.  With DTS audio solutions, CE manufacturers can add greater value by satisfying the growing consumer demand for high performance audio to accompany their high definition video experience. Additionally, to ensure the best possible sound, DTS offers Licensees superior global field support and tuning expertise to optimize the performance of each model.

DTS:X®, DTS' flagship object-based audio decoder, includes object-based audio decoding, full backward compatibility with all DTS-encoded formats, and Neural:X, the latest spatial remapping technology that translates legacy bitstreams and PCM content to virtually any speaker layout.


DTS Headphone:X® For the listener who wants the best quality audio for mobile, television and media systems, Headphone:X provides an unmatched, immersive listening experience, custom-tuned for the individual. With this innovative technology, sound is heard from above, beside and in front of the listener when content and devices are enabled with the DTS Headphone:X solution. Headphone:X features our world-class codec and unique post-processing along with a wide array of customization options. These include ultra-realistic room virtualizations, a comprehensive headphone library, user personalization and a selectable, true bypass.


DTS Play-Fi® was designed with one goal in mind: to bring music home again. While it’s great to be able to hear any song, any time, anywhere from a device that fits in your pocket, it s even better to enjoy that music out loud with amazing detail when you come home. With DTS Play-Fi, you can finally do just that. It’s not just the ease and power of wireless listening; it’s the unprecedented freedom to find this experience in all kinds of products from the brands you love.


DTS Virtual:X bridges the gap between our DTS:X codec and the reality of so many consumers’ homes, allowing you to enjoy multi-dimensional sound regardless of room size, layout, or speaker configuration.

DTS Studio Sound II™ is our flagship post processing suite. It includes all the features of Studio Sound and more. Multi-channel Virtualization with multi-channel output provides a more impressive and accurate virtual surround experience while the Multi-band Hard Limiter allows for maximum system output without artifacts. Our Next–Gen Bass Enhancement technology extends bass perception beyond the physical limitations of the speakers while Next-Gen Multi-band TruVolume eliminates annoying volume fluctuations. Signal-Dependent Processing tracks the input signal to apply the proper amount bass and high frequency enhancement for perfect tonality.

DTS Sound™ is a comprehensive audio solution that delivers a combination of unsurpassed entertainment for audio and video. With DTS Sound users enjoy an expanded stereo image, sonic optimization for internal device speakers and an immersive virtual surround sound experience over headphones. In addition, DTS Sound restores the rich detail lost during the compression process, provides bass enhancement and delivers level volume across any type of content.


DTS Studio Sound™ post-processing creates virtual surround sound for an immersive surround experience. Volume Leveling smooths transitions between sources and when changing channels while bass enhancement improves bass perception for a more dynamic experience. Speaker EQ lets you maximize performance of the system and Dialog Enhancement improves dialog clarity in soundtracks. The Single Band Hard Limiter helps protect the system from overload and damage.

DTS Sound II includes Multichannel Virtualization for a more impressive and accurate virtual surround experience. Its Next– Gen Bass enhancement technology extends bass perception beyond the physical limitations of the speakers while Dialog enhancement improves dialog clarity in soundtracks. The Multi-Band Hard Limiter helps protect the system from overload and damage.


DTS-HD Digital surround audio decoder with output up to 5.1 channels for streaming file-based and disc-based DTS-encoded media featuring adaptive streaming for smoothing streaming bandwidth fluctuations and compatibility with layered audio to provide efficient encoding.


DTS Digital Surround™ audio decoder with output up to 5.1 channels for streaming, file-based and disc-based DTS-encoded media.


DTS TruSurround™ includes psychoacoustic bass enhancement, 2-channel surround sound virtualizer, dialog enhancement, and high frequency enhancement for maximum clarity.


DTS TruVolume™ provides best-in-class audio volume leveling to provide a consistent loudness experience across multiple sources and within content such as from program to commercial.


DTS-HD Master Audio™ is a premium 5.1/7.1 high-definition audio codec that is bit-for-bit identical to the studio master.


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