The Next Generation of Audio for Cinema

The foundation of the DTS:X solution is MDA, a license fee-free, open platform for creation of object-based immersive audio. MDA, which stands for “Multi-Dimensional Audio,” gives movie studios and content creators unprecedented control over the specific placement, movement and volume of sound objects. This is accomplished through the use of uncompressed audio waveforms with associated rendering metadata.

MDA affords content creators the ability to produce various theatrical or home encodes, and a wide range of downstream deliverables and future derivatives, from a single, open format master.

DTS:X for Studios & Creators Highlights:

  • Offers differentiated experience to keep audiences coming back for more
  • Delivers a new canvas for the creator to bring magic to audiences
  • Immersive audio brings a richer more engaging experience
  • Unbound from channels giving the mixer a new canvas to create
  • Uncompressed PCM Audio + Metadata – maintains quality from creation to playback
  • DTS Stewardship – Specification, Tools, Reference Renderer
  • Simplifies and adds efficiencies to production/ delivery chain – build once for any room layout

To the Big Screen

The DTS:X Cinema Program is designed to take full advantage of MDA object-based soundtracks to achieve an optimal immersive experience from the very best and most elaborate cinemas, as well as within more modest cinemas where physical limits and cost constraints prevent adopting Premium Large Format installations.

To the Living Room

DTS:X technology includes the next-generation audio codec from DTS that leverages object-based audio to give listeners new, immersive and interactive experiences. The DTS:X decoder solution lets you reproduce 3D audio content with AVRs and sound bars. Importantly, the new DTS:X bitstream technology on Blu-ray Discs is backward-compatible with earlier DTS decoders and speaker output formats, from stereo to DTS- HD Master Audio | 7.1™.

To the Palm of Your Hand

As part of DTS’ commitment to support the entire ecosystem of sound, from cinema to home to mobile, consumers can also access engaging, immersive audio over standard headphones, such as on mobile devices and TVs, with the DTS Headphone:X audio processing solution. DTS Headphone:X technology can enhance the experience over any ordinary pair of headphones and provide fully immersive surround sound.



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