November 30, 2019

DTS is the Exclusive Sound Sponsor of the 2019 HPA Awards

The Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Awards were held last week at the Skirball Cultural Center and we are proud to have been the exclusive sponsor for the sound category. The HPA Awards are considered the standard-bearer for excellence and innovation in an industry embracing an expanding array of groundbreaking technologies and creativity. Bestowed at a gala celebration each November, the Awards honor creative achievement, outstanding artistry, lifetime achievement, and engineering excellence.

The DTS-sponsored sound categories awards included:

  1. Theatrical Feature: This award is to honor the overall achievement of the sound post production work within an entire Feature Film for a theatrical release
    • WINNER: “Godzilla: King of Monsters”
      Tim LeBlanc, Tom Ozanich, MPSE // Warner Bros.
      Erik Aadahl, MPSE, Nancy Nugent, MPSE, Jason W. Jennings // E Squared
    • “Shazam!” Michael Keller, Kevin O’Connell // Warner Bros. Bill R. Dean, MPSE, Erick Ocampo, Kelly Oxford, MPSE // Technicolor
    • “Smallfoot” Michael Babcock, David E. Fluhr, CAS, Jeff Sawyer, Chris Diebold, Harrison Meyle // Warner Bros.
    • “Roma” Skip Lievsay, Sergio Diaz, Craig Henighan, Carlos Honc, Ruy Garcia, MPSE, Caleb Townsend
    • “Aquaman” Tim LeBlanc // Warner Bros. Peter Brown, Joe Dzuban, Stephen P. Robinson, MPSE, Eliot Connors, MPSE // Formosa Group
  2. Episode or Non-Theatrical Feature: This award is to honor the overall achievement of the sound post production work within an Episode (includes an episode of an Episodic Series, Pilot, Miniseries or Special) or Non-Theatrical Feature
    • WINNER: “The Haunting of Hill House – Two Storms”
      Trevor Gates, MPSE, Jason Dotts, Jonathan Wales, Paul Knox, Walter Spencer // Formosa Group
    • “Chernobyl – 1:23:45”
      Stefan Henrix, Stuart Hilliker, Joe Beal, Michael Maroussas, Harry Barnes // Boom Post
    • “Deadwood: The Movie”
      John W. Cook II, Bill Freesh, Mandell Winter, MPSE, Daniel Colman, MPSE, Ben Cook, MPSE, Micha Liberman // NBC Universal
    • “Game of Thrones – The Bells”
      Tim Kimmel, MPSE, Onnalee Blank, CAS, Mathew Waters, CAS, Paula Fairfield, David Klotz
    • “Homecoming – Protocol”
      John W. Cook II, Bill Freesh, Kevin Buchholz, Jeff A. Pitts, Ben Zales, Polly McKinnon // NBC Universal
  3. Commercial: This award is to honor the overall achievement of the sound post work within a commercial
    • WINNER: John Lewis & Partners – “Bohemian Rhapsody”
      Mark Hills, Anthony Moore // Factory
    • Audi – “Life”
      Doobie White // Therapy Studios
    • Leonard Cheshire Disability – “Together Unstoppable”
      Mark Hills // Factory
    • New York Times – “The Truth Is Worth It: Fearlessness”
      Aaron Reynolds // Wave Studios NY
    • John Lewis & Partners – “The Boy and the Piano”
      Anthony Moore // Factory 

Vice President, Cinema and Pro Audio Solutions at DTS John Kellogg and Academy Award winning re-recording mixer Bill Wilkins were onstage to present the sound category awards. Loren Nielsen, Vice President Content Relations & Strategy, who is on the HPA Board of Directors, was also in attendance.

Kellogg and Wilkins presenting at the HPA Awards